Welcome to my practice! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, certified in EMDR therapy. I work with adults who are interested in individual therapy.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a research-based psychotherapy approach that helps people resolve painful or stressful events in their lives that contribute to PTSD, anxiety, depression, panic, phobias, addiction, eating disorders, pain, and other health issues.

Trauma comes in many different forms, and is expressed in many different ways. It can be childhood abuse- sexual, physical, or emotional; rape, combat trauma, domestic violence, traumatic injuries from a car accident, loss of a loved one, or loss from natural disasters. It can also be pain experienced from being neglected or rejected as a child, living with an alcoholic or mentally ill family member, or witnessing somebody else's trauma. Maybe your trauma seems tiny and minor to everyone else, but you can't seem to get over it. Perhaps upsetting memories keep you up at night, or you avoid people, places or things that remind you of the pain. Past negative life experiences can make it seem like you're disconnected from the present, cause your relationships to suffer, and/or lead you to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

By helping you hold awareness of emotional pain, while stimulating both sides of the body (and therefore both sides of the brain) with eye movements or tapping, I can help you process upsetting emotions, events, and/or negative core beliefs in a healthier way.

My unique approach also incorporates a number of somatic interventions. Because trauma is stored in the nervous system, often with no spoken language or coherent story, tracking and bringing awareness to body sensations helps deepen and expand the work at a pace with which you are most comfortable.

Building on a solid foundation of somatic EMDR psychotherapy, my goal as a therapist is to treat the whole person- mind, body, and spirit- with integrity and non-judgmental compassion. I want to help you create a quiet, safe space where you can learn to find the wisdom of your true self, and your body's own innate ability to heal. Together we can work to create a more mindful, satisfying future where your painful memories no longer have the power to keep you stuck.

*For more information about EMDR therapy, please go to www.EMDRIA.org

"Vicki is warm, professional and extremely supportive. After just a few sessions of EMDR with her, I was able to let go of a lot of the past and make big strides very quickly. I would highly recommend working with her if you are ready to live life to the fullest." - EMDR client

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